ZKBioSecurity Security System

ZKBioSecurity Manufacturing Security System



• Metal detection system with integrated people counting system

• Multiple detection zones and LED indicators

• Revealing approximate object size for hand held metal detector

• High sensitivity metal detector to detect mobile phone and weapons

• Visual attention detection for X-Ray machine

• Energy saving for X-Ray machine

• Who pick up the luggage

• Smart parking lock

• “Who is inside” information shown on the LED

• Smart parking lock

• Inspection of chassis

• Automatic license plates verification (with LPR camera)

• Access control and LPR attendance tracking

• Real time parking lot monitoring

• Global linkage - monitoring video pop-up

• Limit entry by time zone

• Employee self log-in

• Multi-location

• Global anti-passback

• Merge with the 3rd Party HR Management

• Multi-level approvals and automatic e-mail alerts

• Guard patrol management


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